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Carpet Caretakers is Telluride's & Mountain Village's #1 choice for superior carpet services that are quick and professional!

Why do I need to clean my carpets?

Without regular cleaning, dust and dirt can build up in carpets over time, leading to fading of colors or the growth of unwanted bacteria & allergens. Trust Telluride's top carpet cleaners to get the job done quickly and efficiently!

Restore the look & feel of
old or worn down carpets.

Remove the growth of
unhealthy bacteria & allergens.

"These guys are the absolute best for carpet, flooring and cleaning in Telluride."

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Our Carpeting Services

For nearly 40 years, Carpet Caretakers has provided the absolute highest quality carpeting services for residential and commercial clients in Telluride, CO!

Why choose
Carpet Caretakers?

Since 1984, Carpet Caretakers has been dedicated to giving a professional service of the highest quality thanks to our commitment to continuing education and ensuring that all employees are IICRC-certified.

Professional & Friendly

Quick, Efficient, & Worry-Free

Expert Quality Service

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Certified & Insured

As the #1 Leading Carpet Cleaner in Telluride and Mountain Village, CO, it's important to ensure all our staff are equipped and IICRC-certified to handle the risks and cautions with professional carpet cleaning. It doesn't matter if you're a home owner looking for safe cleaning or a business owner looking to protect their assets. The Carpet Caretakers promise to leave you with fresh, clean carpets every time!

Let the Carpet Caretakers deal with it!

Complete your next carpeting project by hiring the most prominent and one of the longest-standing carpeting company in Telluride, CO. We guarantee you excellent service at a pace that will blow you away!